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Guararapes International Airport (REC). International airport

Guararapes International Airport, also known as Gilberto Freyre International Airport, is the airport serving Recife. It has been open in its newest structure since July 2004 and is 52,000 square meters in area.

Ports Recife Port.

Suape port, is located in the administrative area of the small town of Ipojuca, inside the metropolitan region. Suape serves ships 365 days a year without any restrictions with regard to tidal schedules. The port moves over 8.4 million tons of cargo a year. More than 95 Companies from almost all Industries are already installed in Suape which includes a Petrobras Refinary, the largest Ship Builder in South American and a large Petrochemical Company as many others.

Bus lane in Recife. Recife Metro, the second largest in Brazil, after São Paulo.

Port of Recife is located in the city of Recife. Road access to Port of Recife is accomplished, mainly, through the federal highways BR-232 (linking the interior of the state) and BR-101 (linking to other States to the north and the south of the State of Pernambuco). The main producing and consuming centers of the interior of the state and of the rest of the Northeast, are linked to Port by paved highways.

Metro Main article: Recife Metro

Since 1998, building of the Metro expansion has been in progress. When ready, Recife Metro will become the second largest in Brazil, after São Paulo. It already reaches from Recife central station to Jaboatão, Timbi (Camaragibe) and Mall (Shopping Recife).

This system also integrates with several bus lines connected to the bus/metro integration terminals, such as Barro and Joana Bezerra stations. It is possible to ride the metro and the connected bus line by purchasing one ticket only. Since March 2009, Recife Metro has finished one more phase of expansion. The system now has 28 stations (11 integrated with buses) and is 39.5 km (24.5 mi) long.


According to Detran-PE (Transportation State Bureau Administrator) in 2009, the city of Recife has a total fleet of over 464 thousand motor vehicles on its streets. 54,335 cargo vehicles, 318,520 passenger vehicles, 72,719 motorbikes, 14,142 others and 4,855 buses (split between private and public). These buses transport almost two million passengers daily in the metropolitan area, distributed between 17 local bus companies.


Recife metropolitan area is crossed by 3 main Federal highways:

BR-101 North - Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte; BR-101 South - Alagoas, Bahia, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul; BR-232 West - Gravatá, Caruaru, Belo Jardim, Arcoverde, Salgueiro and Parnamirim; BR-408 NW - Carpina, Timbaúba and Campina Grande;

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